SoapNut Powder

SKS Soapnut is derived from the pericarp or the outer skin of the fruits of the Soapnut Tree of Sapindus Mukorossi.
History :
Soapnut trees originated in India and have spread to other parts with travel and commerce. They have been used in India through the generations as cleansers.
They can clean just about anything from clothes to jewelry, cars to kitchens. They naturally soften and add body to fabrics, are safe on wool and silk and keep colors bright through repeated washes. Best of all, they are safe on your washing machines. Soapnuts in addition to being eco-friendly cleansers also have various other advantages.

Soapnut Secrets :
Soapnuts have been traditionally used for skin, scalp and hair care

They are used in hair care products to increase luster and softness

They are safe for use as skin cleansers even for people with ‘sensitive skin’

Soapnuts are safe to use even as toothpaste

As a vegetable wash they remove 95 % of surface pesticides and chemical residues

They are very good, food safe, counter top appliance and sink cleaners

Packaging: 50 Grams, 250 Grams and 500 Grams

It is also used as an emulsifier :
100% natural emulsifier certified as permitted input for organic agriculture Used to prepare spray-able emulsions of neem oil in water for foliar spraying applications
Comes in 150 gram cloth sachets.
50 gram soapnut sachets are used for emulsifying oil for foliar spraying

Instructions for Emulsifying SKS Neem Oil using soapnut powder
To make 200 litres of SKS Neem Oil emulsion, having a concentration 0.5%, use 1 litre of SKS NeemOil, 150 grams of soapnut powder in a cloth sachet and about 199 litres of water.
Ratio: 150 grams of soapnut powder in sachet: 1 liter of SKS Neem Oil. Neem Oil to Water Ratio: 1:200 (approx.)
150 grams of soapnut powder in cloth sachet + 1 litre of SKS Neem Oil. + 199 litres of water, makes 200 litres of emulsion.

Step 1 : Wear goggles and mask while handling soapnut sachet
Step 2 : Add 5 litres of water to a 150 gram soapnut sachet in a mixing take. Use warm water if the ambient temperature is low. do not open the sachet.
Step 3 : Stir to form a solution of soapnut
Step 4 : Add 1 litre of SKS Neem Oil to the soapnut solution.
Step 5 : Pour the mixture of SKS Neem Oil and soapnut powder in sachet into a mixing drum.
Step 6 : Add about 199 of water to the oil, while stirring continuously. Agitate the emulsion. Do not add Neem Oil to water.
Step 7 : Remove the soapnut powder sachet.
Step 8 : Spray using suitable equipment.
Precautions while using soapnut : Wear protective goggles and mask. Keep away from nose and eyes as soapnut irritates the mucous membranes. soapnut is ideal for emulsifying SKS Neem Oil to form an emulsion.
"Who would have thought that washing can be eco-friendly and fabric friendly?"
SKS soapnut powder/ shell Obtained from the fruits of the Soapnut tree is a high quality fabric cleanser. For over 2000 years, soapnut has been used as a natural cleanser.

It is an allergy free natural product with no harmful effects on the skin.
The natural cleanser makes your clothes soft.
It also retains the colour of your laundry for a long time.
Berry Soft is your answer to a natural cleanser, free from the chemicals of commercial detergents.
SKS soapnut sachet is derived from the pericarp or outer skin of the fruits of the Soapnut tree, Sapindus Mukorossi.

Pure, organic, high quality soapnut granules
Extremely fabric friendly
Totally Eco-friendly
Free of contaminants
Comes in easy to use cloth sachets
Suitable for all fabrics
Washing instructions :
Add 3-4 Berry Soft shells in to the small cloth pouch and close tight
Do not place the pouch in the detergent tray.
Add the pouch along with your clothes in the Washing Machine. Switch on the machine and let the wash cycle proceed as normal. After wash, remove clothes and pouch from the Washing Machine
Open pouch and empty the used Berry Soft shells along with biodegradable trash or in your compost.
The pouch can be?