NEEM OIL(Cold Pressed)

SKS Neem oil is prepared by Patented process of Indian Traditional way. The natural way of cold processing method with high Azadirachtin content of minimum 3000ppm.
SKS harnesses the neem's Natural power with Indian Traditional way with out heat, chemicals, petrochemicals and retains all the well balanced nutrients in the oil.It is non toxic to humans, birds, earthworms and animals.

SKS Neem oil as natural pesticide :
SKS neem oil is cost effective alternative to control the pests/insecticides. Adding suitable emulsifier with SKS neem oil (SKS Soapnut powder is advised as natural emulsifier), can be used as natural pesticide

100 ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1000ml, 5 litre, 10 litre, 20 litre, 25 litre, 50 litre, 100 litre, 200 litre, 1000 litre ( IBC tank)
We offer Following Of Neem Oil
Cold Pressed Neem Oil With Azadirachtin Content Range 2500ppm-3500ppm
Cold Pressed Neem Oil With Azadirachtin Content Range 1000ppm-2000ppm

Knapsack Sprayer
Tractor Sprayer
Helicopter Sprayer
1 Litre
25 Litre
50 Litre
Take above mentioned quantity of the water
Knapsack Sprayer
Tractor Sprayer
Helicopter Sprayer
10 grams
2 Kilograms
4 Kilograms
Add the above mentioned quantity of Natural Emulsifier ( Such as ecological friendly detergent ) with this water and stir vigorously.
( We recommend SKS soap nut powder as natural emulsifier )
Knapsack Sprayer
Tractor Sprayer
Helicopter Sprayer
50 ml
10 Litre
25 Litre
Add the above mentioned quantity of SKS Neem Oil with the above concentration and stir vigorously
Knapsack Sprayer
Tractor Sprayer
Helicopter Sprayer
10 Litre
2000 Litre
5000 Litre
Add this mixture to the above mentioned quantity of water as per the sprayer type.
And stir thoroughly
* It helps in maintaining environmental health by reducing the level of pollution.
* It reduces the cost of agricultural production and also improves the soil health.
* It also reduces human and animal hazard by reducing the level of residue in the product.
* It helps in keeping agricultural production for higher level and makes it sustainable.
* It ensures optimum utilization of natural resources for a short-term benefit and helps in conserving them for future generation.
* It reduces risk of crop failure and increases crop yield by 15-20%.
* Unlike chemical it saves environment without pollution. Free from poison content in the agricultural products.
Stem borers, army worms, thrips, gall midges, mealy bugs, leaf hoppers, rice hispa, ear head bug etc
Early shoot borer, stem borer, internode borer, top borer, white grubs, leaf hoppers, scales, mealy bugs, white flies etc
Aphids, leaf hoppers, thrips, white flies, spotted boll worms, pink boll worms, cotton stainer, blister beetle, Helicoverpa etc
Pulses (bengal gram, chickpea, cow pea, pigeon pea, grams etc)
Gram pod borer, pod fly, spotted pod borer, pod bug, pulse beetle etc
Shoot and fruit borers, stem borers, leaf beetles, fruit flies, semi loopers, spotted beetles, Diamond Back Moth, leaf webbers, scales, mites etc
Oil Seed crops (Groundnut, sunflower, gingely etc)
Red Hairy Caterpillars, leaf miners, aphid, stem borers, pod flies, thrips, caterpillars etc
Palm varieties (Coconut, arecanut, oil palm, date palm )
Rhinoceros beetle, red palm weevil, black headed caterpillars, white grubs, root grubs, scales, eriyophid mites, inflorescence caterpillars, spindle bugs etc
Spice crops (cardamom, pepper, turmeric, ginger, chillies, onion etc)
Thrips, caterpillars, aphids, rhizome borers, pollu beetle, shoot borers, capsule borers, fruit borers,
Stem borer, berry borer, scales, mealy bugs, leaf hoppers
Tea mosquito bugs, spider mites etc
Fruit crops (Grapes, guava, sapota, pine apple, pomegranate, banana , citrus, oranges, apple, mango, ber, etc)
Hoppers, stem borers, fruit borers, fruit flies, leaf miners, flea beetle, fruit sucking moths, leaf webbers, tea mosquito etc
Millets (ragi, sorgham etc)
Shoot fly, stem borer, ear head bug, midge, pink borer, cut worms, flea beetles
All pest complexes

Controling pests/ Other insecticides: As per SKS Group’s approach , the Agricultural university tested the field with SKS Neem oil and with other chemicals. Good Results provided by SKS Neem oil compared to other chemical test.

Over advantages :
* It is Bio degradable
* It is emulsifiable
* It is effective against a broad spectrum of insect pests
* It is eco-friendly
* Harmless to plants- Non phyto toxic
* Eco-friendly, maintain the stability of soil fertility.
* Growth regulation (eradication of pest)
* Greater production
* Compatible in nature
* Application is easy
* Economical
* Better shelf-life compared to other bio pesticides

Tests Result
Azadirachtin Min 3000 ppm ( 0.3 % Min)
Nimbin Min 4000 ppm ( 0.4 % Min)
Salanin Min 6000 ppm ( 0.6 % Min)
Color in 1/4" cell by lovibond tintometre scale (expressed as Y +5R) as per IS:548:1990 4 : 34 Units
Specific gravity at 27 Deg C as per IS:548:Part-1:1990 0.921 Min
Refractive Index at 47 Deg C as Per IS:548:1990 1.45 Min
Saponification value as per IS:548:Part-1:1990 203.9
Moisture and Insolvable Impurities as per IS:548:Part-1:1990 0.17 W/W
Iodine Value as per IS:548:Part-1:1990 71 Units
Biological Identification Neem oil
Acid Value 3.8
Free Acid Value 1.9
Peroxide Value 1.2
Titre Value 10-12c
Aflatoxin B1 Less than 2ppm
Total aflatoxin (B1, B2, G1, G2) Less than 4ppm

PESTICIDES REPORT (Alpha-BHC, Beta-BHC, Gamma-BHC, Delta-BHC, O.P’-DDT, P.P´DDT, Endrin, Dieldrin, Endosulfan, Heptachlor, Parathion Methyl, Diazinon, Fenitrothion, Aldrin, Parathion, alathion, Ethion, Dicofol, Heptachlor Epoxid, Chlorpyrifos, Fenvalerate - NOT DETECTED

TESTS (arsenic, cadmium, chlorides copper, lead, mercury, nickel, zinc, molybdenum, selenium) - NIL

E.coli per gm NIL

Salmonela Absent

Aflatoxin Tests Absent

Quality and International Standard.
The above test will new certificate will send to you for each shipment

Micro biological analysis:
The study with SKS Neem Oil shows that salmonella and e. coli bacteria are totally absent.

Pesticide Residue :
The study of the analysis conducted on SKS Neem Oil certifies that no pesticide residues detected.

Heavy Metal analysis:
We provide reports on heavy metal analysis.

Toxicology study :
We provide the report which shows the absent of toxic.

Testing :
Every Batch of SKS neem oil is tested by High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) to determine the azadiractin content as over 3000ppm ( parts per million ) or 0.3%. Most batches are in excess of 3300 ppm and even as high as 4000 ppm.
To supply the SKS neem oil to EUROPEAN UNION (EU) Countries , SKS Neem Oil is further tested by HPLC to detect Aflatoxin B1 and total aflatoxin (B1, B2, G1, G2) the study proved that aflatoxin level is below traceable.
Neem oil As Foliar Fertilizer ( foliar Drench of the soil )
Through our research and test we found that neem oil also has the nutritional values as follows

Parameter Result
Total Nitrogen as N 1.20% by mass
Phosphorus as P 0.07% by mass
Potassium as K 0.01% by mass
Copper as Cu 10 ppm
Zinc as Zn 20.00 ppm
Magnesium as Mg 0.03% by mass
Magnesium as Mn 0.40 ppm
Organic matter 98%

So SKS Neem oil can also be used as Natural feed to the Agricultural Crops, Hydroponics, Aeroponics, Greenhouses, Shadehouses, Glasshouses, Ornamentals, Plantations, Interiorscapes, Horticulture, Landscapes, Nurseries, Turf Grass, Shrubs, Trees etc., like SKS NEEM cake.
Soil Nematodes:
Soil Nematodes are typically found in surprisingly high numbers in Soil, which disturbs the roots and affects the plants growth.
SKS Neem-Oil controls its growth and manipulation.
Result : color difference to find the difference
Leafhopper are one of the largest families of the plant feeding insects.
SKS Neem-Oil controls hatching its eggs and the azaratihtin controls its growth and eating leaves.
They are small soft-bodied insects. Aphids' feeding after causes leaves to curl and become deformed.
SKS Neem-Oil controls its growth and acts its harmonial system naturally.
White flies:
They are small winged insects, which look more like moths than flies. Feeding the leaves and its eggs are very small and almost invisible.
SKS Neem Oil prevents Hatching its eggs and reproduction.
Mealy Bug:
They make up a variety of genera consisting of sucking insects that are often covered by a powderly coating of wax.
SKS Neem-Oil controls the total growth and reproduction.