Karanja Oil(Cold Pressed)

SKS Karanja Oil is Certified Organic . SKS Extracts the Karanja oil by CPM (Cold Process Method ) and this process ensures available of all the active ingredients in the Karanja seed’s kernel. SKS is the only company offering high quality Karanja oil for pharmaceutical and cosmetic process.
Most of the Karanja oil available in the commercial market for Bio diesel purpose, that have been extracted by Solvent and the main purpose this oil for Bio-fuel. That is entirely different from our Natural way of extraction .
The karanja seed procured by organic source and mountain area which has been ensured that quality and zero contamination by other factors. SKS Karanja Oil, known for its medicinal and pesticide properties, is extracted from the seeds of Pungam/ Karanja (Pongammia glabra syn Pongammia Pinnata) tree which is indigenous to India. The active ingredient in Karanja oil is the liminoid karanjin.

Quality Control: SKS have strict quality control procedure before export. Each batch of the product ensure the free from Aflotoxin B1, B2, G1 and G2 which are carcinogenic and toxic. And also the below Typical analysis also followed

Typical Certificate of Specification :

Karanjan Content
min 20,000 ppm
Specific Gravity
0.925 - 0.940
Refractive Index
1.4734 - 1.4790
Acid Value
Saponification Value
186 - 196
Iodine Value
80 - 90
Unsaponificable Matter
Organic Matter
80 - 90%
Fatty acid composition
- Palmatic Acid
3.7 - 7.9
- Stearic Acid
2.4 - 8.9
- Arachidic Acid
2.2 - 4.7
- Behanic Acid
4.2 - 5.3
- Lignoceric Acid
1.1 - 3.5
- Oleic Acid
44.5 - 71.3
- Linoleic Acid
10.8 - 18.3
- Eicosenoic Acid

Uses :
Pharmaceutical preparations for skin diseases like scales, herpes and leucoderma

Leather dressing

Soap making

Manufacture of lubricants


Benefits as Pesticide :
Karanja Oil and Neem Oil mixture is very effective against pests and viruses Karanja Oil-resin soap sprays kill the nymph / adult stages of green bug of coffee

100 ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1000ml, 5 litre, 10 litre, 20 litre, 25 litre, 50 litre, 100 litre, 200 litre, 1000 litre ( IBC tank)

* We have found the aqueous extracts of different parts of Karanja as promising natural herbicide. It suppresses the germination of many obnoxious weeds
* We have also noted the stimulatory allelopathic effects of Karanja extracts on germination and initial growth of many agricultural crops
Karanja seeds yield bitter, non-edible (24-40%) oil with odd odour
* This oil is used for illumination, leather dressing, soap making, lubrication and in other related purposes
* This oil possesses insecticidal properties. The scientists have isolated Karanjin from seed oil and according to them; it is responsible for its action. The oil is also used as medicinal oil, both internally and externally
* According to Ayurveda, Karanja is anthelmintic, alexipharmic and useful in diseases of eye, vagina, skin. It is good for tumour, wounds, ulcers, itching, ascites, enlargement of spleen and abdomen, urinary discharges. It also cures biliousness, piles, head pains, leucoderma, skin diseases and wounds. According to Unani system of medicine, seeds are acrid and carminative, purify and enrich blood, relieves inflammations, cure earache, chest complaints, lumbago, chronic fever and hydrocele. Oil is styptic and anthelmintic. It is good in scabies, leprosy, piles, lumbago, chronic fever, liver pain etc.
As a lighting oil, in pharmacy particularly for skin problems, in tanning and soaps. Soap made from crude oil tends to darken due to a component, Isolonchocarpin, which gives a wine red colour in the presence of alkali. In rural areas the leaves are used to prevent infestation of grains.
The cake after oil extraction may be used as a manure. The presence of a hypotensive principle and a substance producing uterine contraction has been reported.
Much research has been carried out on secondary processing of Karanja oil to overcome some of its shortcomings. All parts of the plant have also been analyzed due to its reported medicinal importance.

Karanja oil, like Neem oil, has been widely used for piscidal, insecticidal, nematicidal and bactericidal activity. Karanja Oil as Pesticide : Karanja Oil is an excellent pesticide which controls the Nematodes like Organic Neem Oil and we provide the oil with minimum karanjan content as > 20,000 ppm. We can use for folier spray by adding suitable orgaic emulsifier (we recommend SKS Soapnut Powder) with the Karanja Oil.